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Cyclone IV GX EP4CGX22 LVDS pins



I need to use high-speed LVDS pins on the EP4CGX22 FPGA.  Now I am completely confused which pins I can use as high-speed LVDS pins.  What is 14/14 highlighted in yellow in the product table? I found the information, that any port cannot be used for high speed LVDS. (

I tried to use pin planner for this fpga which is in the Quartus Prime Lite, however, I did not know any additional info about the high-speed ports.  I also found information about tcl scripting for pin assigments.  But I have no idea how I can apply it to the desired result.

The question would be how can I find out which LVDS ports I can use as high speed (840 Mbps)?

Thank you very much for the answers.

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The highlighted information from your screenshot is receive/transmit. 

You can find more information about High Speed Differential Interfaces and LVDS from page 22 of this link:

That is the document you need to refer to to know the General Pin Input/Output (GPIO) of Cyclone IV devices. Another document you can refer to for your design is Pin-Out Files:

For your question, Cyclone IV devices support up to  to 840 Mbps transmitter (Tx), 875 Mbps Rx in LVDS interfaces from page 17 of Cyclone IV User Manual from this link:

The way for you to know which Pin Number is from this document 

I would advise you to check on Pin Assignment tutorial videos over Youtube to learn how to use Quartus.  Intel also has it's own Youtube channel that post tutorial videos on FPGAs. This is one of them: : 


I hope this helps.

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