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[DE1-SoC] Need to control ADC from Terasic's Ubuntu Linux.


Hi all, I am a little lost here so if you can give me any lead, I will appreciate.


I am running Terasic's Linux Ubuntu Desktop (kernel 4.5) image on my DE1-SoC board.

My task is the following: I need to access the ADC from Linux, read the value on all 8 channels and process the data.

However, I could not find any material as to what hardware is that "soc_system.rbf" which gets loaded into the FPGA before the Linux boots. My guess was it was the GHRD found at "CD\Demonstrations\SOC_FPGA\de1_soc_GHRD", however, I compiled that design, replaced the "soc_system.rbf" on the SD card FAT partition with the GHRD's "soc_system.rbf" found in the CD, the Ubuntu booted, but hardware was certainly differnet. One LED was blinking for example, which was not the case with the original Ubuntu "soc_system.rbf" FPGA programming file.

So, my question is twofold here, does the Ubuntu release FPGA config already has ADC configured so that I can mmap to it from C? Or, if it is not, how can I change the Ubuntu Linux so that I can add ADC to the FPGA with lightwright HPS to FPGA bridge, ADC acting as a slave, and Ubuntu functions not breaking such as VGA GUI which comes with it?


Since that is my task, that was my main question.

I also want to ask about the general development flow for this type of SoC FPGA systems.


1) Should I follow Embedded Linux Beginners Guide from to understand what's going on?


2) Can I program FPGA from Linux like I could with Linux UP Distribution with "dd" command? /dev/fpga0 is gone.

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1) Yes, also there are other guides in Rocketboards home page, then click Get Started > choose Cyclone V SoC Device, > Quartus version > then topics you are interested in.


2) Yes you can, please check below, the steps are similar:


Regarding the Terasics' Ubuntu release, please contact Terasic support for better information.

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Do you have any followup quetions?



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