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DM9000 Ethernet device driver for stand-alone lwip

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Some months ago I started to write a device driver for the DM9000 Ethernet MAC/PHY from Davicom for the stand-alone lwip from Microtronix. Now I have more time for this project. 


That’s what I did until now: 

1. Component “altera_avalon_dm9000” for using it in the SOPC Builder, 16 Bit mode 

2. “dm9000if.c” for “\lwip4hal\netif\” instead of “lan91c111if.c” 

3. Demo program “lwip_rx_test” 


It’s the first time that I’m developing software/hardware for a network application. So it’s hard to bring that stuff to work. Currently it is possible to “ping” the board and to send some UDP packets from a PC to the board. But after sending some UDPs or pings the board breaks the communication. And I don’t know why. Is it a problem with the DM9000 driver, with lwip or the demo program? 


Is there someone who would like to use the DM9000 and has some knowledge to bring this project further? 




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