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Does the Nios II/s evaluation version require or use flash memory?


I'm trying to compile a Nios II design into a Max10M08SC (compact), which has no user accessible flash memory.


I am not using any internal flash memory in the Platform Builder design, or anywhere else (IP, etc).


This design fails during the processing, and issues this message:


Error (16031): Current Internal Configuration mode does not support memory initialization or ROM. Select Internal Configuration mode with ERAM. ->See above, no flash or memory initialization is being done that I know of.


Does the Nios II in evaluation mode require flash memory in order to implement the time limitations, ie.1 hour after programming?


If not, any thoughts on what else could be causing this issue?


I've been grepping through files looking for any appearance of "flash" "memory" or "initialization" and not finding anything.


Jeff Jensen




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Hi, For all MAX 10 devices except 10M02 device, there are total of 5 different modes can be selected when using Internal Configuration. The internal configuration scheme needs to be selected before design compilation. To select the configuration mode, follow these steps: 1. Open the Quartus II software and load a project using MAX 10 device family. 2. On the Assignments menu, click Settings. The Settings dialog box appears. 3. In the Category list, select Device. The Device page appears. 4. Click Device and Pin Options. 5. In the Device and Pin Options dialog box, click the Configuration tab. 6. In the Configuration Scheme list, select Internal Configuration. 7. In the Configuration Mode list, select 1 out of 5 configuration modes except 10M02 device, which has only 2 modes available. 8. Turn on Generate compressed bitstreams if needed. 9. Click OK Regards,
Unfortunately, this does not answer or even address my question in any way I know how to set the device configuration, both in Quartus and in Platform Designer. Yes, there are many possible configuration combinations. But my question was not how to set the proper configuration for the device. I know how to do that. My question is why I get the error messages I encountered when I have no ROM or memory initialization in my design. My question is about whether the evaluation mode of the Nios processor requires either ROM or memory initialization - does it require either? Jeff Jensen

Hi Jeffery,

Sorry for the late reply,

Please check the following link for useful examples:


I can work with you to get this issue resolved, please apologize us for any inconvenience.