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EPCS128 counterfeit products



We use Intel's programmable memory chips (Altera) EPCS128SI16N. We recently received 2 new chip lots, but when programming with standard tools, Quartus Prime Programmer 16.1 issues a message about the mismatch of the chip IDs (Error: Can not recognize silicon ID for device 1) and the process is interrupted. Terasic USB Blaster is used. Firmware file in .JIC format.

When connecting chips to another universal programmer, a message about the mismatch of identifiers is also given (Must be: 20h 20h 18h; Read ID: C8h 40h 18h). The read identifier corresponds to the memory chip GD25Q128 by ELM Technology / GigaDevice. By skipping this warning, the memory chip is correctly written and read.

When replacing the chip with a chip from the previous lot, the defect is eliminated, programming successfully and the board is fully functional.

Full marking of problem ICs (see attachments):

1) EPCS128S OP11E V5 CHN 801 (CHINA 78 in the circle from the bottom of the case)

2) EPCS128N GO156 VS CHN 805 (CHINA 118 in the circle from the bottom of the case)

I believe that Intel is interested in identifying the reasons and taking arrangements counterfeit products, the damaging reputation of the company.

Anyone ever faced such a problem? these chips are fake?

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Hi Wkuzn,


We appreciate your entry for this forum thread. However, in order to validate if this is a product counterfeit issue, we need the reporter to submit a case in Intel Premier Support (IPS) tools.


Please follow below instruction to apply for IPS access:

  1. Accessing Support from My Intel Dashboard.
  2. From the My Intel Dashboard, you can access IPS by clicking the Intel® Premier Support button under the My Support section.
  3. Create a case with yours details information once the application is approved.


Our Application Engineer will assist you this.




Intel Customer Support

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