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Error (12097): Can't find port "reset" in OpenCore Plus entity "alt_vip_cvo_core".

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Hi All, 


We are using HDMI-FMC kit from Terasic and trying to bring-up loop-back demo with Arria 10 kit. They provide Loop-back demo design with HDMI-FMC kit and I am trying to regenerate the demo bit-stream on Quartus 16.0 and I get below error. I am not sure what the issue is. I have tried loading the design on Quartus 15.1 and also on Quartus 17.0, but I get the same error on all the versions of the software. I am able to open Qsys file and regenerate HDL files without any issues. I contacted the Terasic tech-support, they claims it's license issue; however, I doubt that because I looked at all the warning and error messages and I do not see any warnings or error messages related to license. Has anyone seen this kind of issue before? 


Error (12097): Can't find port "reset" in OpenCore Plus entity "alt_vip_cvo_core". -- OpenCore Plus specification file is invalid 



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I figured out the issue: I didn't have the valid license for VIP IP Suite. However, it was not obvious from the warning and error messages in Quartus.