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GPIO access in Deo nano altera

Hi all, 


I am new to deo nano board which is current version of the board.I am trying to access GPIO 0 and GPIO 1 header pins.I need to know how to access these pins??.I tried using default .SOF file and access the pins but did not work.DO I need to use system builder and try to build .SOF.If so should I use quartys Lie version.Kindly help me out. 


Thanks and regards 

Ravi chandran
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Hi Ravi, 


I've Fixed this issue for both the GPIO and LOAN IO.  



Just make sure when you enable the GPIO's in the peripheral pins in Qsys... that you update the Assignment editor page to include your linked pin  


hps_io_hps_io_gpio_inst_GPIO49 => HPS_GPIO49 -- loans out to the Top level Port HPS_GPIO49 so add this to Assigments > Assignment editor 

To [HPS_GPIO49] Assignment Name [I/O Standard] Value [Voltage value of output] 

Recompile the project and the GPIO should be available. 


LOAN pins are different you need make sure from your Qsys design you export the loanio pins back into your top level design. 

hps_0_h2f_loan_io_in : out std_logic_vector(66 downto 0); 

hps_0_h2f_loan_io_out : in std_logic_vector(66 downto 0) := (others => '0'); 

hps_0_h2f_loan_io_oe : in std_logic_vector(66 downto 0) := (others => '0'); 

the inputs are assigned to the in... and the outputs to outputs... (when they are output make the oe vector for that pin 1 to enable it as an output) 


This is pretty much it... happy to help the documentation is brief but pretty much it works well once you do this. 


Good Luck