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GPIO access in Deo nano cyclone

Hi all, 


I am trying to access GPIO pins from deo nano board.part number 5CSEMA4U23C6.I have done the following 

1. I have used the existing example qsys project where I have selected all the GPIO_0 and GPIO_1 and generated the .vhdl files. 

2. then I compiled and generated the .SOF for the required part number.all the GPIO's in the Assignment editor is I/O standard. 

3. Then using embedded shell using make and make uboot created the uimage(preloader). 

4. I copy paste with already in the SD card which had previous default image.but is the .DTB same across?? I need to create a new .dtb. 

5. I created the .dtb and should I use a standard .v format ??? 

After all these still I am not able to access my GPIO's..Kindly help me out and let me know where I am wrong 


Thanks in advance 

Ravi chandran
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