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Help with setting up Cyclone V GT dev kit

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I just bought a Cyclone V GT dev kit from Altera, planing to write OpenCL program and evaluate it. 

I'm using Window 10 Education with Intel Core i7. 

I'm having some problem getting it to work, following the User's guide instruction. 

I've install Quartus Prime 17.0 (include Cyclone V driver) , Cyclone V GT kit installation (version 13), USB-Blaster II 


First, after I run "aocl install" it returned success for both kernel driver and board driver. 

But then if I run "aocl diagnose" it will return  


unable to open the kernel mode driver. 


please make sure you have properly installed the driver. to install the driver, run 

aocl install 


Second, when I tried to compile the, it will show: could not acquire a valid license for the intel(r) fpga sdk for opencl(tm). 

even after I set the environmental variable LM_LICENSE_FILE point to my license file, according to OpenCL SDK guide. 

But then this license file was created under the name "Quartus II Development Kit Edition" ( it worked for Quartus 17.0). 


Third, the Board Test System from the kit installation failed to launch without any error message, nothing showed up when I double click it. 

I tried Win8/Win7 compatible mode, didn't work. 


Any help is appreciated. 

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You need separate, additional licensing for the OpenCL SDK. It doesn't work with just the standard Quartus licensing.