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I have two suspect devices need to be return for FA MPN# EP4CGX30CF23I7N


BGA ball F17 short to B2 (Ground)

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​Hi Kngao,


Thank you for using Intel Community. I'm the application engineer looking into your FA request. 


For your information, all our devices are fully tested as good before shipped to customer. The purpose of production testing during manufacturing is to screen out bad units and in the case of this SR, the shorted to ground pins would not pass the open/short test.


Intel FPGA Reliability Report had stated clearly that Intel performs comprehensive testing and manufacturing controls on all its products. The Reliability Report Figure 1 shows a typical product manufacturing flow. Thus, the devices are leaving factory in good and working condition. Furthermore, Intel is able to provide automotive supply chain with the highest levels of quality and reliability because all of Intel FPGA's manufacturing partners (TSMC, ASE and AMKOR) are certified and registered to ISO/TS 16949 automotive industry quality standard. Please refer Intel Reliability Report page 4, Intel Quality System:


We are no longer liable as it subjects to forwarder’s handling, distributor’s handling and customer’s handling. There is no way to tell if the damages are done before devices leave factory door.


We have experienced multiple FA cases where a FA test results will point to Electrical overstress/ Electrostatic discharge occurrence at manufacturing side. Therefore, we insist customer to re-visit their manufacturing process.


Thank you



Chia Ling


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