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Is it possible to design Analog Component ADC in FPGA ?? (fully customized ADC)

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Hi genius, 


I am not an expert in FPGA related desgin and facing a problem. I am using max 10 family altera fpga. It has built-in dual adc hard ip block and quartus ii has adc soft core to configure and control. But... 


i am asked to design fully customized adc using rtl methodology without using any hard or soft adc core of altera.  


as far i know, only digital system design is possible to implement in FPGA and ADC is an Analog Component. So, is it possible to implement adc or dac in fpga totally customized???? 


Please help me sharing concept about the problem 

Thanks in advance
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well an adc is basically a bunch of voltage deviders. The rest can be done digitally. Sowhile not entirely possible you can do much digitally.

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Take a look at the following image.. Its possible to do a SAR type ADC using FPGA/CPLD.  


You can also refer this link for a basic ADC using FPGA: