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MAX 10 Startup Delay

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I am experiencing a long delay between power up and the MAX 10 device starting to operate. This delay can be anything from under 1 second (acceptable) to 40 seconds or more. 



  • Device: 10M02SCE144C8G single supply (3.3V) device. 

  • Programmer Hardware: ByteBlaster II programmer through the JTAG port. 

  • Compiler / Programmer Software: Quartus Prime 16.1.2 



Device Settings: 


  • Operating Settings and Conditions: Voltage, VCCA voltage: 3.3V 

  • Device Assignments -Voltage 

  • Default I/O standard: 3.3-V LVTTL 

  • Core voltage: 1.2V (default and cannot be changed) 

  • Device Assignments - Configuration: 

  • Configuration scheme: Internal Configuration 

  • Configuration mode: Single Uncompressed Image (96Kbits UFM) 

  • Force VCCIO to be compatible with configuration I/O voltage - yes 

  • Generate compressed bitstreams - on 

  • Device Assignments - General (check boxes): 

  • Auto-restart configuration after error - on 

  • Release clears before tri-states - off 

  • Enable device-wide reset (DEV_CLRn) - off 

  • Enable device-wide output enable (DEV_OE) - off 

  • Enable nCONFIG,nSTATUS, and CONF_DONE pins - off 

  • Enable JTAG pin sharing - off 

  • Enable CONFIG_SEL pin - off 

  • The Configuration Pins listed above are assigned as outputs to drive logic, except for nCONFIG which is connected to a pull-up resistor (100K to 3.3V) and a push button switch. 

  • Power On Reset scheme: Instant ON (this is default and cannot be changed) 



Power Supply: 

  • Voltage: 3.3V 

  • 3.3V Ramp Up time (tRAMP): 980uS 



This delay also occurs after programming the device using a .pof file. When using a .sof file to program the device, the start up is instant. I have tried 3 different boards and all three boards have the same issue / behavior. 


Any advice / ideas? What am I missing here? 



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I have managed to resolve this issue by adding a 10K pull-up resistor (to 3.3V) to the CONF_DONE pin. Device now starts up instantly every time.