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MAX10 ADC problem


Hello Everyone.

I'm using MAX10 FPGA(10M08DAF484C8GES) with bemicro max10 board.

I followed a lab for ADC with Quartus version 14.1 and the ADC is working but not in loop, for example when i give ADC analog input signal from a joystick then it will sample only first value, if i change the joystick position the value remain the same in while loop.

I'm also not getting the complete functions in altera_modular_adc file. i tried to use Quartus 16.0 version but my max10 device give RAM error with the ADC core, when i selected the MAX10 ADC (1050DAF484C7G) then it compiled without error and i got the complete driver function in board support package in altera_modular_adc file.

Can anyone please guide me how can i use ADC core with bemicro max10 FPGA(10M08DAF484C8GES) with Quartus 16.0 without RAM or M9K error.

Thank you



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Max10 do support the internal RAM of M9K block , here is the user guide for the same ; iam not sure why you are gtting error while using the RAM


About the ADC core , can you check IP setting is for contionous sampling mode ?


Thank you


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