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MAX10 ADC sample store with threshold violation detection core


I succesfully followed this example

Now trying to do something "usefull": to turn on a LED when out of thesholds. 

I wrote a controller with Avalon ST Sink interface for the threshold related signals and Avalon MM Master interface to write to a PIO Avalon MM Slave. (find attached). 

On my board the controller runs a 25MHz system clock, the ADC gets 2MHz from PLL and peform 25KHz sampling. I monitor 4 channels so it should take about 1000 clocks of the controller to expect the sequencer to finish the cycle and decide about threshold violation. 

Since I want the LED to stay on while thrshold violated I "latch" the valid signal with a 25bit counter that should give more than a second for another valid to come. It doesn't work! 

Can someone take a look at this?
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