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Mature Cyclone 2 Migration Questions


We have a legacy design that originally used a Cyclone 2 FPGA:




that we can't get quoted from authorized distributors likely due to the geriatric age of these devices.  I found that:




will be available at an authorized distributor next month.


I know this part has the same footprint (FineLine BGA, 484 pin count) and same speed grade.  It has more LEs (logic elements):  14,428 on the EP2C15A vs. 18,752 on the EP2C20.  We DO NOT need the Fast-On capability.


If the FPGA is changed from the 15A to the 20 device, can the old   .pof   file be used without doing any re-compilation, especially since the Quartus version in question is no longer supported?


Can we simply drop in the EP2C20 device in for the EP2C15A and a high level confidence it will work, without having to change anything?



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The existing .pof for the '15 device will absolutely not work for the '20 device. You will need a recompile.


There is still a version of Quartus available that supports the EP2C20F484C7 device, QuartusII 13.0sp1.

I know it works because I use it all the time on that device on my development board. I use the Windows 10 Pro environment.


Get it here:

The free web version works just fine for the CycloneII family.

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