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Modified lan91c111 component

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This component will allow the Nios Development Board lan91c111 daughter card to be used with Nios II and the new HAL libraries. Unzip attached file into the directory C:\altera\kits\nios2\components. Then add it to your system in SOPC Builder as you would the standard 91c111 component. While this component works fine for me, note that it is not officially supported by Altera.

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There are still a few ways this can be connected. Can you tell me the test configuration (ie, plugged onto stratix board or?) and the actual pins being used?  


When I try it with the telnet server example, I see that all u8,u16 writes produce one WRn as expected, but u8 or u16 reads produce two RDn. Is this right? The daughtercard doc shows no byte enable used for CPU32.