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Multiple write and read to SDRAM (No Nios)



Working on the following project :  


- Read 1 images from 2 camera's (2 image's) -> store to SDRAM  

- Make calculation on each image -> store to SDRAM 

- Read out calulations from SDRAM -> Send out to external µC 

- ... 

- ... Will do other stuff with it, in the future 


Each time i need to store something i use a master TEMPLATE from SOPC who make's the translation for the AVALON bus.  


From the AVALON bus to the SDRAM I use the SDRAM Controller. 


So on the AVALON bus I now have  

6 Components who Write (master Template) 

2 Components who Read (master Template) 

and 1 SDRAM controller 


Outside the SOPC i made a controller who is managing the components (READ and WRITE) there usage of the Avalon Bus. (It works for most of the time) 


When data traffic increases it fails and i get BUFFER_FULL of the WRITE controllers.  



Is there a other way to handle multiple write's to one SDRAM ?  


Holding in mind: 


- Camera's generate the image at the same time. 

- Result of calculations is given at the same time.  

- More calculations will follow 

- Never worked with Nios before 


Thx for possible answers.
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Re: Multiple write and read to SDRAM (No Nios)

Thaught the other one didn't uploaded. Plz Close this one.

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