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Network Big Data Transfer Limitations

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Hi All, Hope you're well, 

I am analysing this topic for my final undergrad CS project; a solution for transferring massive amounts of data through the network. Such contributors to this new data generation are consumer power metering, video data from modern vehicles, social media, healthcare, etc.  

The reason why I’m posting here is that related companies are making use of FPGAs for sorting out massive chunks of data, I believe both for databases as well as networking.  

I have a passion for FPGAs and have been practicing both VHDL as well as digital electronics for some time, and now I want to implement all in a nice project.  

So I’m kindly asking you for any references on related researches, any ideas if you happen to be working on such a solution or similar one, and although this sounds contradictory, if this topic is actually legit, as in, the current network system is really a bottleneck for Big Data.  

I am NOT inventing a new product here or saving the world with a super invention, but rather diving deep into a modern computing topic, analysing and hopefully working on a solution.  



Thanks guys n girls for your input. 



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