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New Open-Source Image Processing Project

Hello all, 


I have started an open-source project at for doing Image Processing with FPGA. 


At this stage I have a working and commented hardware / firmware / software that interface FPGA with Omnivision CMOS Image Sensor Camera OV8865 mounted on Terasic D8M module.  


FPGA handle data from and to the image sensor using custom hardware module with Avalon Interface and NIOS II soft-cpu for sending data to pc. I managed to reach full image sensor resolution (8 MegaPixel). In my blog there are some details and soon more will follow. 


Some algorithms like demosaicing and color correction are implemented in software but I hope to implement it in FPGA soon with other higher-level algorithms of computer vision. 


If you like Image Processing and FPGA you are welcome to contribute to the project. 


Thank you 



PS: I have working DE1-Soc and BeMicro CV A9 (using DDR3) version of the project, if you have these boards instead of DE0-Nano let me know.
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