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No EPCS layout data - looking for section[EPCS-C84013]


I'm working on a custom board that is designed around the Cyclone II (EP2C20F484C8N) FPGA. The board also has a serial flash memory device (EPCS4N), which is the 4 MBit serial flash configuration device. I was attempting to load a .sof configuration file onto the EPCS4N device.


  • I first used Qaurtus Programmer to update the FPGA with the .sof
  • I then started the NIOS II Flash Programmer GUI 
  • I was able to successfully select the hardware connection (USB-Blaster) 
  • I added the .sof and attempted to program the flash memory

It fails stating that EPCS "no EPCS Layout Data" was available.  I attached a screenshot of my error. Can someone please help me resolve this issue?

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You need to add (or modify if already there) a "nios2-flash-override.txt" file to your Quartus installation. This tells the nios programmer some basic facts about the FLASH device (ID C84013) that it doesn't know about.


Refer to the following post:


Towards the bottom there is a file you can download. It tells you where to put it. You will need to add an entry for your particular device: EPCS-C84013 with sector count and sector size information - you'll get that from the datasheet for the 'EPCS' (equivalent) part you're using.