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PCIE legacy interrupt

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Dear all: 


I was use ip complier for pcie to realize pcie interface,completer only,single dw completer,endpoints mode,without CRA, generated by qsys. 


Now, i want to use legacy interrupt, base on the handbook: 


1、after power up, the ip core starts in intx mode 

2、in legacy mode,the app_int_sts input port controls interrupt generation. 

3、in my qsys ,pcie interrupt enable register bit was assigned to 0x0000ffff 


But i can't find the app_int_sts in qsys,and in this file"pcie_hard_ip_0" app_int_sts was assigned to 0. 

So,how can i use legacy interrupt with completer only,single DW mode ?  

Which signal can be export to top level to assert interrupt? 

please give me some suggestion ,thanks very much! 

software version :13.1 


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