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PCIe device reconfiguration


my S10 FPGA board uses PCIe slot for power supply when pwoer on, and host into OS, the host can scan device and driver is load normally. when i used driver to read and write PCIe device BAR space,it is looks like there's no problem. but when i pull down nconfig pin,it means FPGA will reconfig from external flash. the image betwen first power on and reconfiguration is same,because when power on,the image is also load form external flash.but when reconfiguration, the driver seem can't work. it can find PCIe device but can't read and write.

I know reboot host can solve this problem. Is there any other solution besides this way? I've tried to unload the driver and then reload it, but it still doesn't work.

I'm looking forward to your reply, thank you!!!

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Hi ,

The behavior is expected , the PCIe link will get disabled that is the reason for the above behavior. And I do not have any example design to avoid the behavior.

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