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Post-Fit Partition Export


I have a design, using RGMII-MAC on Cyclone-III, Quartus 11.0. 

I have correctly constrained the PHY ports according to the source synchronous timing ( FPGA is receiver and phase shifts the incoming clock (Case 1). 

I integrate my MAC in my top level project and it works. Timings are met. 

When I change my top level design, timing is not met. So I want to lock my working version and export it to my new project, so that my MAC would work fine. 


What I do: 


1- Develop a working project. 

2- Set the RGMII-MAC (and its PLL, inside it) as a design partition. 

3- Set the RGMII-MAC (and its PLL, inside it) as a logic lock region. 

4- Synthesize it again (This also works). 

5- Export the RGMII-MAC partition as a .qxp file (Post-fit with routing). 

6- Copy the whole project folder. 

7- Delete all databases of copied project & all RGMII-MAC source files. 

8- Run analysis & Elaboration. 

9- Import the .qxp partition into the new project. 

10- Synthesize. 


After synthesis, the MAC does not work correctly. When I look at the chip planner, Placement of the PLL inside my MAC has changed and timings are not met either; i.e. the PLL of my working project is on a different tile from my new project, although I expected to be the same. 

What's wrong with my procedure? 

Should I change some Quartus settings? 

I have SignalTap of my top ports of MAC. Does it make some problem? 


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No idea? :confused::confused: