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Pre-program with BP Microsystems Programmer a device Altera 10M08SAU169C8G

SMTC is using the Altera 10M08SAU169C8G  

Here I have an issue to pre-program the part with BP Programmer. (Prior to install on a PCB) 


I have two options: 

Option1 is to pre-program the device at BP Programmer. 

Option2 is to program the device on board using the Quartus JTAG programmer. 


In both options I use the same .pof file. 


When I pre-program the device with BP Programmer the units PCBAs do not work, they did not boot. 

When I program the device with Quartuz JTAG programmer the units work correctly. 


Could you, please help me? 

I need to know if Quartus perform something else at the end of programming the device. 


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