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Problems porting from 11.1 SOPC to 12.1 QSys.

I have recently opened my 11.1 design in 12.1, starting from an Archive (.qar file) 

It contains an SOPC builder system, and I want to port it to QSys for various reasons. 

I have encountered a couple of minor issues in doing this, but now have hit this problem. 

Here is my current flow: 


  • Open Quartus, using the .qar as the project. ok. 

  • Open QSys from the tools menu. Select the MortonScaler.sopc file. 

  • This errors-out indicating that the DDR global resets are not hooked up. Hook them up to external ports to the QSys system. ok 

  • Hit Generate 

  • This errors out indicating that some custom source files (MeasureDVI.vhd, ru_wrap.v, sh4mbx_core.v, mbxcore.v) are not present. Somehow the archive did not include them. Add these files from the original. ok. 

  • Hit Generate again 

  • Now this errors out with the error: 


Info: altpll_0: Error while generating MortonScaler_altpll_0.v : 1 : Error: DLL ("altpll_avalon") not found 

child process exited abnormally 

Info: altpll_0: Error: DLL ("altpll_avalon") not found 

child process exited abnormally 

while executing 

"exec clearbox altpll_avalon device_family=ARRIAII CBX_FILE=MortonScaler_altpll_0.v -f cbxcmdln_1355780123425864" 

("eval" body line 1) 

invoked from within 

"eval exec $cbx_cmd " 

Error: Can't continue processing -- expected file /tmp/alt5691_5190484615655509375.dir/0021_sopcgen/MortonScaler_altpll_0.v is missing 

Warning: Quartus II 64-Bit Generate HDL Interface was unsuccessful. 1 error, 0 warnings 

Error: Peak virtual memory: 851 megabytes 

Error: Processing ended: Mon Dec 17 13:35:28 2012 

Error: Elapsed time: 00:00:02 

Error: Total CPU time (on all processors): 00:00:01 

Error: altpll_0: File /tmp/alt5691_5190484615655509375.dir/0021_sopcgen/MortonScaler_altpll_0.v written by generation callback did not contain a module called MortonScaler_altpll_0 

Error: altpll_0: /tmp/alt5691_5190484615655509375.dir/0021_sopcgen/MortonScaler_altpll_0.v (No such file or directory) 

Info: altpll_0: "MortonScaler" instantiated altpll "altpll_0" 

Error: Generation stopped, 1325 or more modules remaining 

Info: MortonScaler: Done MortonScaler" with 91 modules, 224 files, 18034244 bytes 

Error: ip-generate failed with exit code 1: 8 Errors, 12 Warnings 

Info: Finished: Create HDL design files for synthesis 


I have not managed to get past this issue in 12.1 QSys. 


I have attached the qar file, and the missing HDL files that appear to be necessary to open the QSys project. 


Any help is gratefully received.
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Valued Contributor III

Re: Problems porting from 11.1 SOPC to 12.1 QSys.

Hi, I suggest you to remove your current pll from you Qsys system 

and then add the version 12.1 of the pll.
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