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Quartus II that came with my Cyclone II starter development kit has license issue now!


Sent this request to Intel Tech support but they redirected me here saying an agent will answer it.


Quartus II that came with my Cyclone II starter development kit asks for license after new/recent intallation.


Hi, I have had the cyclone II fpga starter kit (Eval board) from Altera for more than 10 years. It used to work with no license issues in the past. Now that I recently installed it on my new laptop (still has Windows 7 like the older laptop), it asks to set up a license. I think in the past it was done automatically in the background, but probably since Altera website/link is different it asks for a license now (either *.dat file) or web set up.

As stated I have already paid for the SW/tools as part of the entire Dev kit in the past, and it worked for a few years, but giving me issues in the new install. It is Quartas II version 7.2

It also comes and works with the Modelsim-Altera 6.1g. I'm hoping a solution you provide will make both work again like the past several years. They are already paid for as part of the FPGA Eval kit. Thank you!


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Welcome to INTEL forum. Based on my understanding, the DevKit license only valid only for 1 year and Devkit license is not renewable.

Alternatively, you could apply an Intel Web License use with Quartus

Here’s the steps:


1.          Login to     

2.          Go to Sign up for Evaluation or Free licenses

3.          Select Intel® Quartus® II Software SW-QUARTUS-WE-FIX

4.          # of Seats is always 1 for Quartus Web Edition

5.          Check the T&C box

6.          Click Get License button


a.          Check the option product “Intel FPGA Software SII-NONVOLENCRYP”

b.          Add New Computer or Assign an Existing computer


7.          Add the required fields

8.          Click Generate License

You will be taken to the Licensing page, and you should be able to receive the email with license attached.


Thank you!  I used this method and it solved my license issue with Quartus. However, once I try to run the simulation via Modelsim-Altera, I get the following errors:


Unable to checkout license. Check Environment Variable and etc... 


I attached it as a screenshot.


I set the license I got for Quartus as the license file in both windows environment variables, and lmtools (in Modelsim folder for setting license), but it does not work. It still gives me the same errors.


- Does the same license I got for Quartus work for Modelsim-Altera too? 

- Does Modelsim-Altera have a standalone Web Edition (free version) that I can download and install if I cannot solve it using above method?


Please kindly help with this issue as well. Hope it would be the last one to solve to get the entire package work.  

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Or just move to QuartusII 13.0sp1 web version. No license required. Install on as many systems as you want when you want.

Supports CycloneII series on Win7 and Win10. I use it for my CycloneII based TerAsic development board.


Download here:


Still fully downloadable from Intel, whereas the version(s) you are using are no longer downloadable or supported.


Since we haven't received any response from you, I assume that my previous message has provided the necessary clarification. I will now transfer this conversation to community support. If you have any new queries, please feel free to open a new thread to receive assistance from Intel experts. Alternatively, the community users will be available to assist you further on this existing thread. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.