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Questions about TR4 PCIe reference design

I would like to design a PCI Express design with the Terasic TR4 FPGA Development Kit by referring to TR4_UserManual.pdf. 



I would like to run the "PCIe Fundamental Communication" example described in Chapter 6 of TR4_UserManual.pdf. To do this, I proceeded as follows, as shown in TR4_UserManual.pdf. 

1. I connected the PC to the TR4 board via PCIe x4 Cable Adapter (PCA) and PCIe x4 Gen.2 Cable. (Using PCIe0 port) 

2. I downloaded the TR4 SystemCD from the Tersic homepage and installed the PCIe driver (PCIe_DriverInstall.exe). 

3. I downloaded tr4_pcie0_fundamental.sof to the FPGA and ran PCIe_Fundamental_Demo.exe. I selected "VID = 1172h, DID = E001h" in Selext FPGA Board field, but it says "Failed to connect the PCIE board" error at the bottom. 

I had to reinstall the PCIe driver several times and reboot the PC several times, but the results were the same. 

I think the device manager does not recognize the PCIe FPGA board (only the "Windriver" appears under "Jungo" in the device manager). 



What's the problem? 



My PC's operating system is Windows 7 Enterprise K (64bit) and the board I use is TR4_230.
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