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Realsense D415 - check highest point in Unity wrapper every frame


Hello, Im trying to find out if the height detected by my two realsense caemras (D415) is more than a threshhold value i set.

I cannot find a variable i can access from the scripts provided. I am very new to unity and would like to test out if this is a feasible solution for what I want to achieve.

Any suggestions on which scene or scripts to get this height value out of? Basically want to see if a person walks into the frame. my cameras are on the ceiling looking at the ground.

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Dear forum user, you have come to Intel FPGA forum site, we have expertise to answer your question related to FPGA technology and usage. Unfortunately we do not understand the nature of your question above, could you kindly help to elaborate if your question is FPGA related? If not, please post your question to the right forum site so the appropriate expert could provide you with more helpful guidance. I will hereby put your case to close-pending. Thank you. 


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