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SD/MMC card must be reset whenever HPS is reset on socfpga?


Hello, intel experts


Firstly wish you a happy new year. And 5CSXFC6C6U23 socfpga is used on custom design, the hardware design is something like cy5 socfpga development kit board. But it has problem when booting hps from SD card.

The BSEL[2:0] is set to 0x5. When the board is power up, there are some activities on mmc_clk and mmc_cmd pin, so I think HPS core indeed boots from SD card.  And mmc_clk changes from 96KHz to 3.096MHz because HPS_CLK1 is 12.288MHz. As intel document said it should comes to the data movement stage(identification mode passed). But it hangs on. There is no activity on UART pins, and also there are no actiticity on HPS GPIO as I programmed on board_init_f() functions.

So I check relative documents and find something on AN-796 Cyclone® V and Arria® V SoC
Device Design Guidelines. It said that SD/MMC card must be reset whenever HPS is reset. My question is MMC card should be reset even if first power up?


Another question, the FPGA portion is not configured when HPS boots. Is there any problem?


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Hi ,

We wish Happy New year to you too.

Please refer the below link for MMC booting related Queries and configurations.

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