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Still searching for LCD example c-code (Linux) for Arria 10

Can somebody point me to an example Linux application that writes to the LCD on the Arria10 development board via the hard controller on the HPS? If not, how about a document that gets close? As I see it, the GSRD should have drivers ready to go, but I haven't found anything that explains how to do this.

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Got my answer from Rocketboards forum... 


You can write to it very simply by just echoing text to it from the command line (this may be a helpful first step regardless of the end goal). Look in the /dev folder for the correct name but i believe it will always show up as ttyLCD0: 

echo “Testing LCD” > /dev/ttyLCD0 


From user space you can create code to open the same path and perform writes very similar to a file, such as : 

lcd_handle = open("/dev/ttyLCD0", write) 

fprintf(lcd_handle, “First Line\nSecod Line”)
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