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Unable to get a simulated graph, with a Fatal License Error


I am currently using Quartus Prime Lite Edition 21.1(Windows) under the C drive and got some problems with getting a simulated graph that I've coded with.


It says that 

"Fatal License Error"

Unable to checkout a license. Make Sure your license file environment variable(e.g. LM_LICENSE_FILE)is set correctly and then run "lmutil lmdiag" to diagnose the problem.


I'm pretty sure that there was no license.dat file on the folder I downloaded. 

Others say that this software doesn't need any license file, then what should I do with this program?

All other things went well like viewing schematics and so.

I installed Altera Version because the link from my prof. gave me was expired, and there were no way to get a better link for that one.

Any solution is welcomed.

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I’m guessing the error in Questa sim. If that the case, could you help re-confirm your environment variable setup again? You need to set your LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to point to the license that Intel provides. c:\intel\license.dat or something similar.


You can refer to link on how to set environment variable.

To make this entry, you may perform a windows Search for "System Variables" and then click on "Edit the System Environment Variables" and then click "Environment Variables". Be aware that you must add the entry in System variables, not user variables.       


Specifying the License for the Questa  

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