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WARNING : PHY[0.0] - Auto-Negotiation FAILED

Screenshot (31).png

I have been trying to implement Nios II simple socket server from the reference design :

I was able to setup everything and start downloading the Nios II software project to the board. But while doing so, I am facing this auto negotiation failed warning. i am unable to decide whether the connection to the board was established or not. I have disabled the DHCP and given the address in the simple_socket_server.h file. I have been following the steps mentioned in the document :

Previosly i have implemented CVGT Simple_Socket_Server from the document where I have used the static IP for TCP/IPv4 with the IP address . It worked fine. Kindly help me with the Auto negotiation error . I have uploaded the relevant screenshots in the NIOS II SBT. Thank You.


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