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how to program adxl345 on DE10-Lite in verilog?

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hello all, 

as the title, I'm trying to read the device ID of adxl345 on my board in 4-wire SPI, but I have some problems, I get the wrong device ID (every bit is one). 

The following is my code, and I don't kwon where I make mistakes. Can anyone tell where I make mistakes and how to get the correct device ID? 

module sensor(sw0,clk,hex0,sdo,sdi,cs,sclk); input sw0,clk; output hex0; input sdo; output cs,sdi,sclk; reg cs,next_cs; reg sclk_ctrl,next_sclk; reg sdi,next_sdi; reg address; reg data,next_data; reg cnt,next_cnt; reg state,next_state; pll p0( .inclk0(clk), .c0(clk2) ); assign sclk=(sclk_ctrl)?clk2:1'b1; assign hex0=(cs)?data:8'd255; always @(negedge clk2) begin if(sw0) begin state<=next_state; cs<=next_cs; sclk_ctrl<=next_sclk; cnt<=next_cnt; sdi<=next_sdi; data<=next_data; end else begin state<=3'd0; cs<=1'b1; sclk_ctrl<=0; cnt<=4'd15; address<=8'b11000000; sdi<=1'b0; data<=8'd0; end end always @(*) begin case (state) 3'd0: begin //pull cs to 0 next_state=(sw0)?3'd2:3'd0; next_cs=1'b0; next_sclk=1'b0; next_cnt=4'd15; next_sdi=1'b0; next_data=data; end 3'd2: begin //make sclk be a 1MHz clock and input register adrdess through sdi next_state=(cnt==8)?3'd3:3'd2; next_cs=1'b0; next_sclk=1'b1; next_cnt=cnt-8'd1; next_sdi=address; next_data=data; end 3'd3: begin //receive the output of sdo next_state=(cnt==0)?3'd4:3'd3; next_cs=1'b0; next_sclk=1'b1; next_cnt=cnt-8'd1; next_sdi=1'bx; next_data={data,sdo}; end 3'd4: begin //data transmission is completed,pull cs and sclk to 1 next_state= 3'd5; next_cs=1'b0; next_sclk=1'b0; next_cnt=cnt; next_data=data; end 3'd5: begin next_state=(sw0)?3'd5:3'd0; next_cs=1'b0; next_sclk=1'b0; next_cnt=cnt; next_data=data; end default: begin next_state=(sw0)?3'd1:3'd0; next_cs=1'b1; next_sclk=1'b0; next_cnt=4'd15; next_sdi=1'b0; next_data=8'd0; end endcase end endmodule  


and this is the result(using signal tap) (


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