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missing files in quartus\libraries\megafunctions


I have a QSYS module from a previous design for a Cyclone 5 that was successfully implemented using Quartus Std 18.1.

I am using this module on a new Arria 10 design using Quartus Pro 20.2.

I get this error when I compile the design in Quartus 20.2:

   Error(287062): Can't open AHDL Include File 

The file is present in the Quartus 18 directory:





But it is not present in the Quartus 20 directory.  However the corresponding transmitter file is present.  Why is only the receiver file missing?  I could try to copy it over from Quartus 18, but I would like a solution that doesn't break with the next Quartus update. 



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My guess would be that Cyclone V used the old Stratix GX IP and since Cyclone V is not supported in the Pro edition, that would be why you're seeing an issue (though I don't know why only the receiver files would be missing).  Since this is a Platform Designer system (not called Qsys anymore), just delete the component from the system design and add in a serdes for Arria 10 from the IP Catalog.

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Hi, do you able to solve your issue based on Strell's suggestion?  

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