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project help D5M camera to VGA with Qsys and C++

hi, I am a Spanish student(studying in the USE so I am sorry about my english) who has had a class called System on chip, and we have to do a final project for it(DE2-115), so my project consist on develop a system usisng Qsys and C++ with eclipse to use de D5M camara in the VGA. OK so i have a lot of issues doing that.... 

The first thing i did was build my system with system builder selecting in GPIO the camera. 

In Qsys i am ussing the example provided by University program to configure the camera with pixel buffer, vga,.... 

Then i only have random pixels in the VGA and in eclipse I tried to draw squares and clean the screen but it doesn't work. 

Could someone help me explaining me how to do that... or just giving me some clues because this course i didn't learn anything about the camera, just only to configure VGA with char buffer, who to use switches and leds and lcd ,audio and ps2 but now i have to do that with the camera....
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