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serial port demo program working.. but nothing in terminal

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i am trying to do hello world program mentioned in below video..  


i am using cyclone 5 soc kit. 

but i got a problem with rx and tx pin 4.45 in video. i am using quartus prime 16.0. here the below mentioned pins are not assignable. 

so i tried by assigning only clock, but in terminal after running program nothing is displaying. so i think its because of not assigning the pins for tx and rx. anybody know how to solve this problem ? 


baudrate is 115200 for both uart ip and terminal. and i am using same package as mentioned in usermanual.  


my doubt is hps pins are not assignable, so how to solve this problem? 


the above one is from user manual of cyclone 5 sockit .(you can get it from google it & first result and then page 38) 


so anybody know how to do it . any help is really appreciated  


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