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uClinux Distribution Version 1.3

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There is a newer version of the Nios II Linux Distribution available. The version (1.3) in this thread is only for backwards compatability with Quartus II v4.2 and Nios II v1.1. 




The uClinux Distribution has been updated to support the Nios 1.1 IDE. 


The uClinux Kernel has been updated from 2.6.5 to 2.6.9. Additions include: 


- POSIX message threads support 

- syscontrol support 

- cifs, a utility that allows mounting of windows shares (smb) 

- support for the new Nios II Evaluation Kit from Altera 

- other minor fixes 


The standard links: 


The entire download can be download by clicking on this link ( It includes the main distribution code, Getting Started Guide, Reference Guide, and readme. The file size is ~100MB. 


download the readme ( 


download the getting started guide ( (pdf). 


download the reference guide ( (pdf). 


Please post messages to the uClinux Forum if you have any questions. 



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