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Can’t access BIOS after turning on Intel RAID - ASUS PRIME Z590-A Motherboard


We are building a computer with a 2 1 TB SSD Drives and 1 1TB NVM E.

The computer has been built and Windows 10 Pro was installed on the 1 TB NVM E

The intention is to use the 2 1 TB SSD’s in a RAID Configuration for DATA only, no OS or APPS

I followed the directions from the RAID Configuration GUIDE and changed the BIOS settings and enabled Intel RST Premium with Intel Optane System Acceleration.  Saved the information and rebooted.

Now I can’t get into the BIOS?  When I boot or restart and hit F2, all I hear is 1 long beep and 3 short beeps and then the Windows login screen appears.  

I know I did something incorrectly, but not sure what AND not sure how to get into the BIOS to fix the problem.

Does anyone know the steps to solve this issue?


Thank you



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Hello ECJ

Thank you for posting on the Intel️® communities. The motherboard user's guide indicates the following:

  • "DO NOT change the default BIOS settings except in the following circumstances:
    • An error message appears on the screen during the system bootup and requests you to run the BIOS Setup.
    • You have installed a new system component that requires further BIOS settings or update."
  • "Inappropriate BIOS settings may result to instability or boot failure. We strongly recommend that you change the BIOS settings only with the help of a trained service personnel."

The information was taken from "PRIME Z590-A User’s Manual" Page 61:

Have you already contacted Asus for guidance in BIOS settings?


David G 

Intel Customer Support Technician 

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We have not heard back from you, so we will close this thread. As a friendly reminder, we recommend checking with the OEM for BIOS settings guidance. Please keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel. Thank you for your understanding.  

Best regards,  

David G. 

Intel Customer Support Technician  

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