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DH77KC with RST shows R1 set as 2.7TB, but Win7 64bit sees 2 drives as 764 GB


I have a DH77KC that has 2 WD 3 TB Red NAS drives connected. I am trying to set these up as R1 for a D partition. In the RST I can see them as a R1 set with a capacity of 2.7 TB, yet Windows 7 SP1 shows these drives as two separate drives with a limited capacity of 764GB. Shouldn't the RAID set be recognized as only one drive in Windows? How do I see the full capacity of these drives? Just as a note my C partition is a separate drive by itself. I do not see an option in either RST or Windows to set the drives as GPT

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If RAID was enabled in the BIOS and you used the RAID Op-ROM (entered at power on via -I) to create the RAID1 array, you would see only this array. Normally, if Windows is seeing the two separate drives like this, it means that RAID was not enabled in BIOS beforehand. If you find this to be the case, note that, if RAID was not enabled when you installed Windows onto your boot drive, you will have to reinstall Windows when you do enable RAID. I have been told that there are ways to avoid this but I have never seen them work.

What was the path that you took to get to this point? The normal path is:

  1. Go into BIOS Setup, enable RAID, save and exit and, as system reboots, use -I to enter the RAID Setup Op-ROM.
  2. Within RAID Setup, create the array. After exiting, the system will boot with only the RAID volume exposed.
  3. Install Windows. Since you have the separate boot volume, you won't need to gas pump the RST drivers during the Windows installation process.
  4. Once Windows is installed, install all necessary driver packages including that for RST.
  5. Use the Windows Disk Management applet (can initiate with command "diskmgmt.msc") to initialize the RAID volume and then to define and format a partition within this volume.

Hope this helps; let me know if you need additional help...