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How to Remove Raid 1


I have a Raid 1 mirror where one of the disk is showing S.M.A.R.T. events so I want to remove it while leaving the data on the other disk intact.

My machine uses Intel Rapid Store so I can access it with ctrl-I during POST.

To be sure I don't delete data can someone tell me the proper and safe actions to take to remove the RAID? I'll have to find a identical drive to repair it later but for now I just want to access the other disk's data as if there is just a single disk.


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Use CTRL-I to enter the RAID manager. There, you can mark the HDD as being non-RAID. You will not be able to boot from this HDD, but you should be able to access the data stored on it.

Backing up a sec., you do realize that you can take this HDD to another PC and access its contents without affecting the RAID volume, right? You may want to try this before anything else...

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