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How to completely uninstall RST, specifically the driver, files and services it left behind?


After uninstalling RST using it's uninstall program, I've noticed it left behind some files and services, specifically HfcDisableService and RstMwService. I've noticed that these files belonged to one folder in the System32. I've also noticed that the added feature for RST in the BIOS still remained.

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  1. You can try to uninstall the remains of RST Driver using Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter, or some other third party tool.
  2. About BIOS setting - if is about SATA mode (it is set to RST and you want ACHI), change the SATA mode only if Windows is set to SAFE mode:
  3.  While in Windows, press Windows key + r. Run msconfig
  4. Chose Boot tab and check Safe boot. Reboot your system. 
  5. Enter BIOS, and set SATA mode to ACHI. Save settings and exit BIOS.
  6. During boot process you may see Warning that your Windows may become corrupted. Since Windows is set to SAFE mode, disregard this message.
  7. While in Windows, press Windows key + r. Run msconfig
  8. Chose Boot tab and uncheck Safe boot. Reboot your system. 



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There is no "added feature for RST in the BIOS". Windows cannot affect the features offered by the BIOS nor can it change the BIOS configuration (that would be a security violation). In his response above, Al detailed the changes that you can (but don't necessarily have to) make if no longer utilizing RST support.


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