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How to get access to RST console


Hi there,

I am trying to install Ubuntu to a Toshiba U945 ultrabook which came with Intel 7 series C216 chipset and still maintain windows caching.

Thing is that I have to disable caching and format the SSD in order to install Ubuntu there. Later, with Ubuntu installed and double boot working, from windows using RST console format the rest of the SSD to use it as cache.

Problem is I cannot access RST console/manager even though installing RST driver from Toshiba site. No console nor manager was installed with Toshiba official drivers.

How can I get access to RST console ?

PS: running Windows 8 64bits

PS2: the RST driver I installed is version from http://support.toshiba.com/support/modelHome?freeText=3478711 http://support.toshiba.com/support/modelHome?freeText=3478711

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You currently use a Rapid Start or Rapid Storage? For Rapid Storage, try https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/23488/RAID-Intel-Rapid-Storage-Technology-Driver-for-Intel-Desktop-Boards Intel® Download Center, for Start - https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/21612/Intel-Rapid-Start-Technology Intel® Download Center