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ICH10R RAID 5 rebuild stuck in loop / restarts


Recently I experience a power outage and as a result my RAID 5 array (3 x WD Black 2TB Sata II) suffered 'trauma' as a result of a less than graceful shut down of Windows 7 x64.

(Am using Intel RST 9.6)

Once the drive in question was marked as failed by the software (in error the drive has since been tested an known to be in PWO)

Using RST - I reset it to 'non RAID' and marked it as a spare and tried multiple times over the last 2 weeks to rebuild the array without success.

During the rebuild process (at some point) the process always restarts and never completes, the loop is endless.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions before I resolve to delete the array, create a new one and restore from backup.

Thanks in advance...

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I am having the same issue, please advise how to troubleshoot this. My RAID 1 array on ICH10R controller also keep rebuilding all the time. It has been fine for a few years, but now on each startup I can see the array in status "Rebuild". I do not see any error though. Are there any logs ?