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Increasing Size of System Reserved Partition with Intel RST Version


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Increasing Size of System Reserved Partition

Could someone please explain the best way to increase the EFI System Partition, hopefully without reinstalling the operating system?

Unable to update Windows 10 1909 to 20H2
Message from Windows Update - "We couldn't update the system reserved partition" (too small, 100MB)

HP Zbook Notebook
2ea 1TB SSD configured as RAID1 

Primary use of Intel RST on this system is for business data protection
Intel RST Version

Please see attachments:

Disk Management

Intel System Utility Report

Picture showing the details under the "about" tab in Intel Rapid Storage Technology

Device and Windows specifications

Windows 10 Update Message

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Status Screen

Thank you so much!

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Hello iHarley,  


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.   


Please remember that is always a good idea to have a backup for any RAID configuration. Also, since the disk manager is being managed by the operating system and may be limited by the BIOS, I recommend you to try the following:

1. Get in contact with HP, to check if there is an option to increase the partition from the BIOS.

2. There is a way to change it from Windows (command prompt), however, if it is not performed correctly it could damage the system. Try to get in contact with Microsoft to check the correct steps and if there are more ways to do it from the operating system.

3. There are some third-party tools that can help to increase the partition, for example, EaseUS Partition Master, MiniTool Partition Wizard Free, GParted Live. Those tools are not tested/validated for Intel and we cannot assure that those will work and would be up to you if you want to try them.


Deivid A. 

Intel Customer Support Technician 

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Thank you Deivid for your quick response and suggestions!

HP has been little help. In fact, the only RST version they are recommending / including in their official drivers and software downloads is Intel RST Version And it has absolutely no guidance, they defer to Intel. This is not a problem since there are excellent instructions here for installing and using the product.

I have been through all the options in the BIOS and haven't seen anything there that could be used to alter a partition.

Not sure if the Windows command prompt procedure can be use while the drives are configured in IRST, but I suspect the RAID would first have to be removed?

I've reached out to several third-party software suppliers and the only one that has responded thus far is NIUBI Partition Editor. Maybe a solution here in the future:

The current version does not support software RAID (dynamic disk volume), we'll add this support in next major release (about 3 months).
Don't be hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.
Best Regards,
John Allen
NIUBI Technology

If you could please provide the procedure to remove the drives from RST, for partition resizing and reapplying, that would help?

This is not a unique situation; I was hoping to at least get a summary of what to expect.

Thanks again and I will keep this updated to hopefully helps others as well.

Best Regards

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If you could please provide the procedure to remove the drives from RST, for partition resizing and reapplying, that would help?

Best regards!

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Hello Everyone!

I wanted to update this post and report problem solved! I used MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate, support was GREAT the RAID was not affected at all. If anyone has the same problem I recommend this software solution, worked for me with multiple PC to do.

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