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Intel RST: Reset RAID configuration without data loss


I installed a 2nd SSD into an empty M2 slot in my Acer Nitro 5. The primary drive only has 250gb of storage and I installed a 1TB WD Blue.  I wasn't able to see the new storage volume in disk management, but later got a notification to "improve my storage" from Intel RST. It suggested making a RAID 1 configuration, so I did it, not knowing what this actually meant. In an attempt to be able to use more of my data, I converted the RAID 1 into a RAID 0 configuration.

Long story short, that was a mistake. I just want to be able to use my drives separately and I haven't come across any documentation which clearly explains this. I do not have an option to delete RAID configuration or delete any of the volumes within this configuration. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Edit: I am not able to update the formatting in BIOS settings. It appears Acer does not allow for this. 


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You can try to remove the drives from the RAID array from within the old RST GUI or the new Memory and Storage tool. Regardless, there is no guarantee that the data on the 250GB drive will be sound and whatever was on the 1TB is definitely wiped already. I suggest that you make a backup to external storage before anything else.

That Acer doesn't support this capability is criminal as far as I am concerned.


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Thanks Scott! The option doesn't come up in the Intel RST GUI or the new Optane Storage and Management Tool. Criminal indeed! This has been an annoying issue to try and solve. 

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