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Intel RST and Advanced Format HDD

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I am using Windows 7 x64 and my secondary hard drive is the WD20EARS (4k sector size).

I've just installed Intel RST 9.6, but the application shows that both physical and logical sectore size as 512 Bytes. Why?

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There are diffferent models of the Western Digital Caviar Green Series. I have a WD20EARS-00J2GB0 which reports a physical sector size of 512 bytes as well as a logical sector size of 512 bytes, and 2 WD20EARS-07MVWB0 which report a physical sector size of 4096 bytes and a logical sector size of 512 bytes in the Intel Rapid Store Manager. I read somewhere, that even the number of platters differs in these models, but have no proof at hand.