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Internal HDD 1TB Revert back to Data Drive


Hi I have accidentally use Rapid Storage Technology to make my HDD Data drive to became the recovery disk. Can I revert back to where it was? I have searched for response over the internet one of it being Ctrl + I to entre RST BIOS. However, this doesn't work on my Acer Predator Helios 300.

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With laptop computer it is always good idea to ask OEM in such case. This may avoid to loosing accidantly your data. In any case I suggest that you should prepare disk backup before starting the procedure.



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Sadly, you've likely already lost whatever you had on this drive. I hope you had a backup.


In systems configured for Legacy boot, you use CTRL-I to enter the RST BIOS extension from POST. in systems configured for UEFI, however, the RST BIOS Extension is exposed somewhere within the board's BIOS Setup engine; use key necessary to go into BIOS Setup from POST and then look for where the RST configuration is exposed. In both cases, all you can do is remove the two drives from the array. If the old contents survive this, great; otherwise, you'll have to repartition, format and then load backup.


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