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Is the RST supported in the xeon processor or just I7?


I am planning to buy 2 new computers. I would like to set them up with RST Raid1. I could not find any info if RST was available on the xeon processors.

I read on the intel RST enterprise product brief. Yes, things have changed. Software RAID solutions running on the Intel® Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600/2400/1600/1400/4600 with the Intel® C600 series chipset (Romley platform) now equals or outperforms hardware RAID.

I would like to have the memory with ECC in the xeon processor.

Is the RST still available with the xeon processor?

If so which xeon processor? where can I find a list of xeon processors that have RST?

non enterprise RSTe

Thanks in advance!

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RGray5, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.


Just to let you know, the functionality of the Intel® RST will depend on the chipset of the motherboard, if the motherboard is capable to work with Intel® Xeon processors and the chipset of it also supports Intel® RST you will be able to use it with no problems. The chipset and the motherboard will also indicate which version of the Intel® RST is the proper one for your platform for you to install it.

If for example, the chipset of the board is a server chipset, then you will need to use Intel® RST enterprise that was designed to work in a server environment.


Just in case, in the following link you will find the user guides for the Intel® RST:




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