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Is there any benefit using RST other than RAID?


I am using Windows 10 on RST mode but I am not using any RAID. If I change it to AHCI without damaging Windows, do I lose anything ?

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Hi @ChFaiza 

1. If you are not using RAID, better set the SATA mode to AHCI. Before changing the SATA mode it is advised to have full backup image of the System Drive. 

2. In order to change SATA Mode without destroying Windows boot, Windows must be set to SAFE Boot Mode. While in Windows, press Windows key + r. Run msconfig .  Chose Boot tab and enable Safe boot. Reboot your system.

3. During system boot enter Bios again. Verify in Advanced > Boot that Fast Boot is disabled. If not disable it.

4. Now you can change the SATA mode to "AHCI". Save the setting (click on F10 folowed by "Y") and boot into windows in SAFE mode. Disregard the warning you will see.

5. While in Windows, press Windows key + r. Run msconfig. Chose Boot tab and uncheck Safe boot.

6. Reboot your system. Now your system is bootable in "AHCI" mode.




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Years ago, the Intel Storage Driver offered a performance improvement with respect to the Microsoft Storage Driver. For the past 4 or 5 years, however, the storage drivers have operated essentially at par. Thus, if you are not using RST to support RAID or Optane, you don't need to install it at all - and I definitely recommend uninstalling it in this case.

Hope this helps,


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