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Not able to recreate Intel RAID 5



Ive a problem with my configured Intel RAID 5 with 3 HDDs (built in 2014 with replaced CPU/Mainboard):
One of the HDDs in this configuration failed, so I bought a new one and want to rebuild my RAID 5 with the new HDD. But there is no option to do this.

In my BIOS configuration, the RAID 5 is not detected at all and the HDDs are marked as "Incompatible", as you can see in the picture attached. So there is no way to rebuild my RAID 5 (is this a bug?).

When I start Windows, the (degraded) RAID 5 is detected and Im able to access to all of my data.
The software "Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management" also detects my RAID 5, but I cant find any option there to rebuild the RAID 5.
Intel driver version in Windows:
CPU: i5 9400F
Chipset: B360

Can anyone help me?

Thanks, Daniel

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Was the state of the array transfer properly after you moved it over from the older system? That is, did it show up properly in the RST BIOS Extension and Windows RST GUI? Did the problems only start when the drive failed?


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